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March 2022, Rabbi Morrison and her partner become plaintiffs in a legal challenge to Florida House Bill 1557 “Don’t Say Gay” bill. More information here.

In 2021, Rabbi Morrison was appointed by Mayor Levine Cava to the Miami-Dade Interfaith Advisory Board, and has received Certificates of Appreciation from the Mayor's office 2020-2022.

She represented Interfaith Clergy with “The Robes of Faith” at the GLBTQ International Task Force Gala in 2021, and serves as Religious Counsel to Miami-Dade Gay/Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Rabbi Morrison also has served as a presenter/facilitator at the Miami Jewish Film Festival.

Rabbi Morrison serves as counselor and active volunteer at Lotus House and an also actively volunteers at the Chapman Partnership for the Homeless. 


The Rabbi is regularly called on to offer prayer and invocations at community events and programs such as City of Miami Beach Commission Meetings, Jewish Heritage Night with the Miami Heat, and Sabrina Cohen’s All Access Beach (for people with physical disabilities).  

She is on the Miami Board of Rabbis, Federation’s Synagogue Relations Board, and iGLBTQ (Interfaith GLBTQ Clergy of Miami-Dade).

The Women's Fund Miami-Dade presented Rabbi Morrison with the "Woman of Inspiration Award in 2019. 

Seeking Freedom from Narrow Places - Sunday Celebration with Rabbi Amy L. Morrison

Seeking Freedom from Narrow Places - Sunday Celebration with Rabbi Amy L. Morrison

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